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Kahlúa recipes

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Kahlúa ice cream

Desserts (cold) Kahlúa Sugar NESCAFÉ ...

Kahlúa ice cream recipe Whip the whole egg very well with the sugar - use electric whips. Taste with Nescafé and Kahlua, whip the cream stiff and turn the whipped cream into the eggshell. Freeze the ice for at least 8 hours. Accessories: Fresh fruit, especially kiwi, is good for ice

Mexican coffee I

Drinks (warm) Whipped cream Hot black coffee Kahlúa ...

Mix Tequila and Kahlua Mix coffee top with whipped cream

Screaming Orgasm

Drinks (cold) Ice cream Cointreau Kahlúa ...

All ingredients are shaken well in a cocktail shaker. Poured through a barrage into the glass. Garnished with half-kumquat spears. The drink is served in a cocktail glass


Drinks (cold) BOLs cream Cointreau Kahlúa ...

Kahlua is poured at the bottom of a shot glass. Bols Cream "puts" upstairs in a layer over the back of a spoon. At the top "lay" Cointreau.


Drinks (cold) Kahlúa Brandy Milk ...

Bring the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into cocktail glass.

Kioki Coffee

Drinks (warm) Hot coffee Brandy Kahlúa ...

Stir together in irish coffee glass and decorate if necessary. With whipped cream.

Dirty White Mother

Drinks (cold) Coffee cream Kahlúa Brandy ...

Bring brandy and Kahlua into a whiskey glass with ice-cream pipes. Top off with a little coffee cream.

Dirty Moma

Drinks (cold) Brandy Kahlúa Vodka ...

Bring the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into highball glass with ice.