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Strawberry parfait on fragilité

Desserts (cold)
Strawberry parfait on fragilité Strawberry parfait on fragilité Strawberry parfait on fragilité

Servings: 1 portion(s)


optional Fresh mint
0.4 dl Water
0.5 dl Egg white
0.5 dl Finely chopped nut kernels
0.5 dl Icing sugar
10 g Sugar
2 dl Whipped cream
200 g Mixed strawberries
250 g Mixed strawberries with powdered sugar
80 g Sugar


To prepare the Strawberry parfait on fragilité recipe, please follow these instructions:

Whip egg whites stiff with flour. Turn the chopped nuts in. Spread the dough on a piece of oil-fried baking paper in a square of approx. 25x25 cm. Bake the fragilité in the oven at 175C degrees 5-8 min. Transfer to a grate, let it cool and cut it into 3 elongated pieces, suitable for bottom and sides of an aluform of 1½ l. Dress the form with the cake bottom.

Boil sugar and water, while stirring to a syrupy consistency and cool the layer so that it is thin. Whip egg whites stiff with sugar. Add the slight sugar mass to a thin beam while whipping. Whip another 5 min. Mix strawberry and whipped cream and turn in the egg whites, then pour the parfait into the fragilite-shaped form, freeze overnight. Take it out approx. 5 min. before serving and decorating.

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