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Recipes with Pomegranate seeds

Party drink with frozen mango and pomegranate recipe
Drinks (cold) Frozen mango Pomegranate seeds Lemon & Ginger Sparkling Soda ...

This drink is refreshing and works super with many types of alcohol. Even without alcohol it is very refreshing and has the perfect combination of sourness from the lemon & ginger sparkling soda and the freshness from the ginger and pomegranate components. The

Desserts (warm) Icing sugar Seeds from the pomegranates Pomegranate seeds ...

Kermer from pomegranate mixes with the banana cut into cubes. Lemon juice and Grand Marnier are added. The mixture is refrigerated for serving. The ice is stirred soft and the filling is brought in. The hot (previously made) pancakes are folded over the mid